Android's new bottom navigation bar

An idea not just for Android

March 18, 2016 • János Mayer

Google updated it’s Material Design guidelines telling developers to use a bottom navigation bar to navigate between different sections of their app.

Google, Material design


The Ad war's new front line

Opera launches an in-built ad-blocker

March 18, 2016 • János Mayer

Opera’s new announcement that it will build in it’s ad-blocker to the “web-engine” level has spurred many debates across the Internet. It’s quite understandable, too: publishers rely heavily on ads on their site, while for an average user these ads can easily be distracting or annoying, not to mention the page load time problem. The war in the advertisement is escalating quickly with no real solution in sight anytime soon.

advertisement, opera


Pure CSS Masonry Layout

Awesome layout beyond Javascript

March 16, 2016 • János Mayer

As you can see in our Blog post listing we have implemented a masonry layout. At first it was built with the famous Masonry jQuery plugin created by Dave DeSandro. It was working well and all but we wanted to create it with pure CSS. This is when we found Driveway, an awesome css-grid implementation for the masonry layout.

css, masonry


Why I chose Jekyll

Reasons for using static site builders

March 10, 2016 • János Mayer

Jekyll is one of the best and most popular static site builder. Basically what it does is generate HTML files on build which can be accessed easily by the server eliminating the need for PHP functions and database queries if you would only have some static pages and assets with a blog. For everything else there is MasterCard - well, something else.

jekyll, markdown