MiniMo landing page

MiniMo, developed by Optin Ltd. is a transportation management system that enables transport organizers and freighters to deal with hundreds of logistical problems in a simple, elegant way. It’s feature-rich and reliable with a modern and simple look so we decided to create a landing page based around those ideas.

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 MiniMo landing page


MiniMo was created for small and medium sized transportation companies to get the heavy lifting done for them. It’s a webapplication and is bloated with powerful features but still remains to be pretty easy to use.

These were the things we strived to show in it’s landing page.

The site

The site, as the application itself, is based on the all-famous Bootstrap framework. It has pretty much every section we could have think of, which might make it a bit long for a landing page but in this example content preceded everything else, and we thought that we should easily show the users every information he/she could need to decide.

The site with the banner image and the smaller, handmade icons creates a kind-of playful vibe. The reason we choose this approach was that we wanted to enhance in the user that this application is very user-friendly. A site with darker tones or formal looking structure would - in our opinion - create the opposite feeling.

For the main color we choose a nice looking, youngish light-blue color. All the images and icons were hand-made by Máté Lele, our designer and through some optimization (we love you heart) we managed to keep the site’s size at ~ 2.3MB - but we’re not giving up to decrease this number below the holy 2MB. wink

We hope you will like it. If you have any questions or ideas regarding this landing page please feel free to contact us at